Writer Biographies

Meet the Football Betting News crew:

Dean McHugh

Dean (or Deano) is better known to close friends and followers as the stat man. He could literally tell you anything on teams results, corners, bookings, goal scorers, head to head stats the lot! He is a die hard football fan who plays the game himself a little, so you'll often here him say 'I'm better than that on a Sunday'....which of course he isnt but dont tell him that!

Richard Hodge

Richard has always loved sport, and some would say he has an obsession for football. He can always be found scouring the internet to find out the latest news, gossip and results from leagues all over the world. Being a Liverpool fan from the age of 7 and a devoted Scotsman, he is used to disappointment, but that has never stopped him following the sport he loves so much.  

Louise Clarke

Louise, 29, is a die hard Manchester United fan from sunny Bournemouth, much to the disgust or her gooner father. She is a big football fan in general and follows as many matches as possible in order to keep all the latest results, news and stats to hand. After managing betting shops between the ages of 18 and 25, she now turns her betting and football knowledge into a profitable hobby. Unfortunately, for sports fanatic Louise, her friends aren't quite as eager to discuss the latest football match or fixture. So what better way to enjoy her past-time, than to write about it for fellow enthusiasts to read and hopefully make use of when considering their bets.

Ben Gledhill

Ben is an Oldham Athletic fan, having braved many a northern winter to watch the mighty Latics perform admirably on the frozen tundra that is more commonly known as Boundary Park. He could dazzle you with little-known facts about lower league football, especially League One, as he has been watching his team fight it out in this league for the past 15 years. He is also an avid fan of various other sports, including cricket, golf, rugby league, tennis, darts and snooker, although he isn’t very good at any of them in a playing capacity!

Phil Haigh

Jaymes Monte

Since before he was wearing short shorts Jaymes has been engrossed in football. He has attended World Cups, Copa Americas and, for his sins, countless Sunderland games. As he has grown and matured into a strapping young man he has also developed a keen interest in cricket, darts and snoooker, in fact, pretty much any sport that doesn't involve an egg-shaped ball.