Blue Square Free Bet

No Further Blue Square Free Bet Offer

As of 1am Tuesday April 2nd 2013 the Blue Square Bet Brand and customer accounts have been sold to Betfair.

The content below is now archived due to the above

Blue Square

Blue Square is part of an organisation known as the Rank Group plc. Blue Square was founded in 1999 as a bookmaker to offer basic sports betting facilities which have developed over time to include areas such as online poker as well as an interactive online casino.

Blue Square initially generated a strong income which run into hundreds of millions of pounds. This allowed the Rank Group to develop Blue Square to cover developing areas in technology such as the internet as well as mobile phone and computer tablet developments.

Blue Square Free Bets

The sports section of the Blue Square website offers up to £20 of free bets for customers to use which is based around an initial deposit. The main appeal of the Blue Sqaure £25 free bet is that it is largely uncomplicated. Simply make an opening bet of between £5 and £25 and get a free bet of equivalent value.

Blue Square free bets are not just confined to the world of online sports betting. Blue Square free bets also apply to the casino part of the website. Again the company goes for a realistic welcome offer of £100 which is just the right amount of money for customers to try a variety of games.

The Blue Square free bets for poker amount to a maximum sum of 500 dollars which a new customer can use to enjoy the competitive online poker action.

Blue Square Sports and Live Betting

Blue Square sports and live betting are what you would expect from an online bookmaker with an established website. Different sports are easy to find and are surrounded by current affairs happening around the world and a range of different promotions down the opposite side of the page.

Blue Square is a name associated with a number of different sports, in particular non-league football. Due to this the majority of potential customers will have a pre-made thought in their heads over how strong the sports section of Blue Square will be and they won’t be disappointed.

Blue Square sports and live betting work well together. The live betting section works on the basis that the most popular events will be displayed down the middle with closable menus on the left which display all of the events for a specific day. This is a good feature which helps to keep the clutter of a page down making it more aesthetically appealing.

The Blue Square Casino

The Blue Square casino is quite obviously a supplement of the sports section of the website which the company was created for in the first place. Where Blue Square does well is in making no attempt to hide this.

The main features of the Blue Square casino are shown via screenshots or animated menu logos which makes it very easy and fast to track down the right option. The option to download, play online and read through terms and conditions is all displayed at the top of the page.

Online Poker with Blue Square

Online poker with Blue Square is growing in popularity because the services offered are very simple. The main information a new customer will need is bang in the middle of the page with all of the relevant promotions over on the right.

Online poker with Blue Square also offers loyalty rewards for customers who stick with the poker section. These are displayed in a link which promotes the various levels of rewards via a series of boxing weights which makes it easy to work out a specific level and what is required to move up.

Blue Square Help

Blue Square help is designed to be completely easy to use and understand. Blue Square seems to acknowledge that customers don’t want to spend hours on the phone and there are three basic help services.

The best of these is the live chat facility. This Blue Square help option can be minimised to the task bar of a web browser while a customer continues to play to ensure they don’t miss out on the perfect hand or a chance to win big.